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Archive for "Nov 02 2004"

Put Up or Shut Up


UPDATE(10:38AM): okay, I did my bit.
For what it’s worth, this is how it went into the Staten Island voter machine’s maw:

President: W (no surprise there if you’ve ever been here);

Congress: That piece of shit from Brooklyn Barbaro (this was more of a “Fuck Vito” vote than anything else. Our House of Reps Republican robot has grated on my nerves before, but because of his absolute uselessness in the aftermath of the Staten Island Ferry catastrophe, which his father, through his political hack (for the Democrats) insulated patronage actions, conceived, nurtured and brought it to its inevitable bloody denuement– the boat tearing itself open like the Titanic because of an absolute lack of regulatory oversight and no person in and control position having their ass thrown in jail with the key for release a goddamn question– remained so removed from the subsequent investigations that to me it bordered on criminal.
Vito is gonna win. I just want him weaned from the idea that he got a career here.

Senate: Chucky “Cheese” Schumer. (I said to him at a recent hand grabber in Manhattan, “I’m from Staten Island,” and he replied, “Where?” “Dongan Hills,” I said.
He’d have known I’m from Staten Island if I just said “Dongan Hills.”
The other dolts would smile, their eyes would go glassy, and I’d be resisting the impulse to cave in their face);

State Senate: Al Curtis. (I find it utterly hysterical that here on Staten Island’s North Shore (whose demarcation is acknowledged to be the SI Expressway, widely remarked to be the “Mason/Dixon” if not “Manson/Nixon” line of political polarization), the first minority (chicks ain’t a minority here–put that crap back in your pocket and light your trousers on fire and smoke it) candidate for a statewide–shit, any seat– is backed by the Republicans and the Democrats have put up a union hack to oppose him. If Curtis wins, the Democratic Party on Staten Island will wake to find a large knife stuck square in their chest.)

Everything else was bullshit except for Lavelle vs. John Russell for the NY Assembly. Lavelle is a douchebag who I’ve seen hanging bleary-eyed at the end of the bar at a favorite watering hole too many times and when I’ve tried to bandy about pithy conversation keep saying, “Your still pissed off about O’Donovan.”

I’ve known Russell since I went to school with his kid. The third, Independence Party candidate, “Chip” McClean, is a guy I like, but his ass is grass and I want to see Lavelle smashed by a gas truck and taste his own blood.

“Fuck Lavelle” trips off my lips faster than “Fuck Vito.”

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