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Yesterday Must Have Been Fun

Not that I remember any of it.
But after I dragged my ass out of bed, fired up the Joe DiMaggio and took the dog for a wander around the neighborhood, I went upstairs in search of my sneakers and found–Shazaam!–the extra bedroom, which last time I looked was basically an empty room except for a treadmill and an incline bench, had been converted into a home office. Desks, file cabinets, the whole magilla. Only thing missing was this here iMac, which for some godforsaken reason is right where I left it, while the other four machines are all lined up on their new spiffy desks.

I have no recollection of any of it.

UPDATE (10:28am): Just off the phone with my wife.
“How’s your head?” she says.
“You see what you and Mikey did last night?”
“Mikey?” I say.

Cousin. Seriously, seriously funny and heavily invested in medicinal marijuana. Always ready to go to Home Depot. Wants to convert my basement into a bar, always telling me to move the computers into that bedroom.

“He was here till like four in the morning. He said you owe him for something like 200 feet of ethernet cord. And go check the basement. I swear it sounded like you guys knocked down a wall when you were screwing around down there.”

I go down to the basement. Walls intact. There’s a box mounted on the wall with the modem, routers and hub, all tacked down in a rack that looks to be made of three different colored pieces of wood.

“Mikey, you bastard,” I say to myself.

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