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Bitchin’ Riff

When Dusty hits “Ten bonus points” I felt like I was on a surfboard.

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No More Politics (Unless It Makes Fun)

When I find this Streisand lurking in my e-mail, I need to redirect my security priorities.

This is former Mayor Ed Koch of New York City, and I want to explain to you why I believe this is the most important Presidential election in which you and I have ever been involved. I have never voted for a Republican for President. I am voting for George W. Bush this time for two reasons. The first is because of the Bush Doctrine, “We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them.” The second is that this President understands that the security of our ally, Israel, is essential and that it is also threatened by the same Islamic terrorists.

John Kerry, after receiving the nomination at the Democratic convention, addressed the Council On Foreign Relations, saying, ?In the first days of a Kerry administration, I will appoint a presidential ambassador to the peace process who will report directly to me and the secretary of State, and who will work day to day to move that process forward. There are a number of uniquely qualified Americans among whom I would consider appointing, including President Carter [and] former Secretary of State James Baker…”
Those two men have a record of hostility to Israel. It shows Kerry’s mindset.

America urges all of its citizens to never forget who we are, where we come from and our traditions. Every day, a Jewish community somewhere in the world, e.g., France and Argentina, is afraid they may have to leave their country because their government won’t protect them. Only Israel will, without condition, provide those beleaguered communities with sanctuary. We should support George W. Bush who has been the best friend Israel has ever had. At the same time, while voting first for George W. Bush for President, you can also protect the social issues that we hold dear — abortion, environment, prescription drugs, Social Security, appointments to the Supreme Court — by electing throughout the country 41 Democratic U.S. Senators who, under the Constitution, can stop any and all legislation and judicial confirmations that they oppose by threatening or engaging in a filibuster.

I?m a proud Democrat. But this time, I am voting for the re-election of President George W. Bush. To do otherwise would be ungrateful.

Go’ ahn.

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