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Insanity, Inc. Begin Talks

Here we go:
New York Daily News – Boss gathers troops

When Darth Boss George draws his lackeys and the Tampa Mafia together to discuss players, and Joe Torre isn’t even in the room, right off the bat I know Mel Stottlemeyer is toast, and John Olerud and Bernie Williams are going to be getting Steinbrenner’s Stormtroopers’ classic Andy (“fuck him!”) Pettite Treatment (because Boss ain’t no way letting Beltran go anywhere other than the Bronx, and that pile of money he dumped on RhoidBoy Giambi makes peddling his ass–even if healthy–impossible). All sorts of mindless shit is about to get jammed in the pipe and smoked.

Like the way the season ended hasn’t already scarred my psyche. What havoc can be wrought by this bunch of crazed yes men and Torre/Stott backstabbers, especially that odious “pitching guru” Connors, who swore he could straighten out Contreros (yeah, that worked out well!) is just freaking staggering to imagine.

Yankees 2005 Opening Day payroll: about $215-220 million. (Conservative estimate; includes salaries they’ll be eating to get teams to take washouts like Vasquez and Lofton off their hands.)

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