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Archive for "Oct 26 2004"

Well, Duh!

Of course they cheat! What do you expect? They are Senators, fer chrissakes! What’s the point in being in the world’s most exclusive club if you can’t afford all the cool toys and Kerry beat you to The Ketchup Queen? You gotta get the dough from somewhere!

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A UK Radio Legend

John Peel dies aged 65
I never heard him, but if you read the punk fanzines in the Seventies, you definitely heard of him. Maybe the most influencial British broadcaster ever. The only American counterparts who I think you could compare him to were Alan Freed and Wolfman Jack, combined. He was that big.

Forget Al-Qaqaa

You want high explosives? This sounds like the SwiftVets are about to unleash a friggin’ nuke!
The Jawa Report: Newly Uncovered Documents Link John Kerry to North Vietnamese/Vietcong (UPDATED)

Here’s your goddamn October Surprise, NY Times!

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