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Archive for "Oct 23 2004"

Just Dumping More Dung

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Sanity Restored

The Mick is safe.

I guess the boy learned a hard lesson about messing with an icon.

As the local papers keep the Yankee post-mortem going, this quote from a frustrated Yankee fan, asked if he’d be watching the World Series, pretty much summed me up all day Thursday and most of Friday:

“No. Of course not,” said Michael Tashjian of Oceanside, L.I. “What’s the point? I could care less what the Red Sox do.” However, he did care when they beat his Bombers – Tashjian said he felt “like killing the Yankees” after Game 7.

Every season, on Opening Day, I put my Yankee flag up, just below the Stars and Stripes and above the family coat of arms. It comes down when they are eliminated, or stays year round if they win the Series.

This year my wife had to rush to cut me off and take it down herself. After the last out I rose from the couch and headed for the backyard.

“Where are you going?” she says.
“Take care of the flag,” I says.
“It’s in the front yard.”
“The lighter fluid’s in the garage.”

That black mood has left now. I’ll probably watch the Series, if I’m sitting in front of a TV and there’s nothing else on and the Blockbuster up the block catches fire and I’m too drunk to care I’m committing a kind of blasphemy.

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