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Archive for "Oct 16 2004"

The Cowsills?

The freaking COWSILLS???

For the love of God, what happened? Aerosmith tell your clowns to pound glass?

POST GAME: Wow. Screw all the “Who’s Your Daddy” stuff.


Your grandfather, mother, sister and your brother is more like it after last night.

Class? Me? A Reminder

Jeff Jarvis is a fucking asshole, who plays like he’s an everyman but is neck deep in Big Media money and elitist scum attitude, right down to who houses his shit and handles his techie probs. He’s not a dumb bunny, but he is a whore for the Newhouse dough, and couldn’t give a shit in the world about you unless your hit counter gives him a woodie.

This ends our regularly scheduled public announcement.

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The Gray Lady’s “Shark”

If you want to know when, precisely, the NY Times took the leap off the edge of the cliff known as credibility, I’d point at the moment they decided that Frank Rich was more than a pissy shit tearing up Broadway’s ass, and turned him loose on the general population in the guise of someone who has an Ivy League clue about everything going on offstage. Since getting the promotion, he never, ever fails to associate big ticket ideas with his low rent, box office brain.
Case In Point:
Asymmetrical Information: Got to Get Back to the Garden

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