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Archive for "Oct 15 2004"

Teddy Koppel Gets a Swift Kick

He sends his intrepid newshounds to Vietnam to interview former Viet Cong to find out what really happened when Waffles “earned” his Silver Star. Then he stared SwiftVet No 1. John O’Neil in the eye and said, “Well, doesn’t this prove you’re full of shit?”
So the Swiftie kicked him in the balls and called him Danny Rather.

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The Cheney Daughter Thing

(began as a comment over at Dean’s World, but there was some other stuff I wanted to say that would have gotten the comment yanked, so I’m dumping it all here)

If any member of the Bush/Cheney campaign said that Kerry’s claims of being a Roman Catholic are a sham, put the annulment of his first marriage on the table, pointed at his two daughters and asked, “Where do they stand in the eyes of the Church?” all the people defending dragging Cheney’s daughter into the campaign rhetoric would be horrified. If President Bush had cut off one of Kerry bloviations about his Catholic faith during the debates by saying, “I thought Catholics don’t believe in divorce. How’d you manage that?” they’d have lost their minds and begun sputtering and wheeling out bishops to obfuscate the nitty gritty of canonical law in regards to annulment.

All the practicing Catholics I know would sit up and say, “Yeah. Explain that one, Mr. Alter Boy. How much did that bishop cost to turn your daughters into illegitimate offspring bastards?” Because they well know Kerry is no member of the Roman Catholic faith, just another rich Brahmin that his local diocese had no problem accomodating for a sizable donation. It’s another in a long line of lies he used to expedite his ascension in the Massachusetts political firmament; another way to hook his wagon to the Kennedy family’s warhorse, just like faking his Irish roots. Hell, the Kennedy’s have made politically convenient annulments a family tradition.
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Yay, Puckheads!

I rag on Canada a lot because its government seems to be the most imbecilic example of run amok political correctness, an ungrateful collective bunch of bastards who lived under our defense umbrella and allowed their armed services to turn into a joke, but Capt. Ed points to an example that at least their Security Intelligence Service realizes that, post 9-11-01, that game is over.

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