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Archive for "Oct 13 2004"

Here’s Your Daddy(s)

He outpitched you.
He took you yard.

Not exactly two of the big name boys Boss George is always vilified for throwing gobs of cash at, eh?

(more later)

UPDATE: According to Dalton (entry 130.3), it’s all Zim’s fault!

Please Please Please! Have Him on Tape

Don’t be a “she says/he says” thing. Have it on audio and nail that arrogant egomaniacal bastard’s hide to the wall so we can kick it and spit on it and generally just go to town on his pompous ass:

O’Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit

He’s already calling it an extortion scam, but it rings bogus. What it sounds like was she went back and dickhead decided she owed him for bringing her back into FOX, she saw where he was aiming, and decided to nail his overcompensating shanty mick ass.

And she got the goods so he’s gonna go nuts trying to smear her.

Please have the tapes!

Sayonara, Schilling

Matsui is your Daddy. Don’t tell me about the ankle. If you had a sliver of the bones Mo showed just by showing up, never mind shutting the door at the end, you would have figured a way out. Sheffield’s been playing with an arm he can’t lift above shoulder level all year without it screaming. When Gut Check Time came, you got a beating, and your words to the media afterwards makes it sound like you’re looking for a backdoor exit. If it was that bad, you should have never taken the ball.

Screw the rally; the shot fell short, then Bernie and Mo (homegrown guys … do you schmucks even have any?) slammed it right back down your throats.

Bring on Pedro and his midget. The “Who’s Your Daddy?” chant had its warmups last night; time to bring it out in force and dump it on your headcase, see if he melts too.

And why the hell does Manny even own a fielder’s mitt?

UPDATE: Some members of the Nation think I’m (which is the least foulmouthed …)”irrational” in my gloating over last night.

Nay, I say! If Schilling’s ankle is really barking, he’s probably through for the rest of the way (unless–maybe–it goes seven games). If it isn’t, then he got his head kicked in, and either of those scenarios means the Sox entire season could rest in Pedro’s hands tonight. I’m more than happy, because the Yanks have owned him over the last couple of years (last 23 starts against the Yanks, Yanks won 17). And I’ll take the Yankee bullpen over any other team’s in a heartbeat.

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