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Archive for "Oct 07 2004"

JibJab Scores Again!

Just watched the new toon on Leno. Bloody brilliant! Edwards has never been so gay!
Their servers are probably gonna be knocked down flat so go to AtomFilms:
Good to Be in D.C.

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The “F” Stands for Fear

As the campaign heads into the final stretch, Camp Kerry, threatened in what were considered “safe” states, such as New Jersey and Iowa, needed to do something to stanch the bleeding. So they decided they could pull out a win by scaring the shit out of certain parts of the electorate: voters of college age and unabashed Republican partisans. (I’m ignoring wheeling out Jim Crow’s Ghost; they do it all the time, even though that ghost comes out of their party’s closet.)

Using tactics from the Jimmy Hoffa handbook, members of the AFL-CIO have taken to storming Republican campaign headquarters in various states, employing the same tactics, suggesting it’s a coordinated effort, not just wahoos on the loose. This, in addition to the random assault, shooting, and campaign signs promoting Bush/Cheney being stolen, defaced, or torched across the fruited plains (Professor Bainbridge has a partial roundup here) is creating among many Bush supportes a Climate of Fear. These actions have not brought a peep from the DNC or the Kerry campaign, who screamed bloody murder when the Swifties began running commercials, demanding the Buch/Cheney camp denounce them. (UPDATE: Powerline notes members of Congress demanding action from Department of Justice against AFL-CIO attacks)

The college kids, who seemingly are mostly idiots (Don’t believe me? Sign up for a few online college newspapers and read the Op-Ed pages for a couple of weeks. They are almost all filled with the most mindlessly dribbled shit I have ever encountered), were an easy target. And the situation in Iraq gave them a ready-made gun to aim at the kiddies and their parents:


There’s a website, registered to some mook in Oz foisting himself off as an American. And there is the notorious anonymous e-mail that’s making the rounds, claiming Bush is ready to pull the trigger as soon as he’s settled in for his second term. Even Document Dan hopped aboard that train. Never mind that neither candidate, nor the Pentagon, want anything to do with it. Never mind the only legislation calling for a return of the draft in front of Congress was sponsored by Democrats, and was such a piece of political chicanery that even its chief sponsor wouldn’t vote for it. That’s not stopping allegedly non-partisan Kerry “Youth Vote” apparatchicks from keeping the topic hot:

“Congress has to stop playing games and level with young people about how we are really going to meet troop commitments in the war on terror, especially if the war in Iraq bogs down or the fighting expands to other countries,” said Jehmu Greene, president of Rock the Vote, a nonpartisan group that seeks to boost voter turnout among young people.

The only “game” getting played here was started by Charlie Rangel when he introduced the bill in 2003. Kerry flacks Howard “Yeaaargh!” Dean and Max Cleland state it as fact as they stump for Kerry. Kerry doesn’t tell them to stop, the same as he doesn’t speak out against the thuggery done in his name.

If you don’t tell people who are supposedly on your side to stop the shit, then you’re in it yourself, Sen. Waffles, up to your own damn botoxed eyebrows.

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