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Archive for "Oct 05 2004"

Definition of a Masochist

I went over to the TV to see if I could find the Dodgers/Cards game, instead found Boston/Anaheim, and didn’t turn the lurking nightmares in my baseball season right the hell off.

I made popcorn … no beer, though. A man’s gotta have standards.

In a Nutshell

Yankees vs. Twins pretty much comes down to this:

There is no place like this in sports, especially not at this time of year. It does not matter whether you love the Yankees or hate them, whether you believe the Twins can pull this off or not. This is about the force of Yankee Stadium for occasions like this, like a great engine of the city kicking over tonight. It was an afternoon game last year for Santana in Game 1. The Stadium is different at night. There is a different noise, a different current.

The Yankees’ starting pitching going into this playoff round is Mike Mussina and cross ya fingers. If Johan Santana can handle the heat of Yankee Stadium on a chilly October night, with the place rocking and rolling and getting all Mt. St. Helens waiting to explode, then it probably all ends in tears unless Moose matches him and shuts the Twins down, doesn’t let them nickle and dime him to death. But if Santana gets touched up early for a couple of runs, all the gas comes out of the Twins. Without that kid, Minnesota got nothing the Yankees fear. And he’s never in his life seen this kind of pressure, while the Yankees have been under this kind of gun all season long, and the core guys: Jeter, Posada, Bernie and Mo, have faced life in Darth Boss George’s pressure cooker their entire careers. They are not going to blink.

Yanks in Four.

Sure You Were, Lardo

Moore: I Was Offered Memogate Documents

“Back when I was making Fahrenheit, I was offered the same documents that were given to CBS but I didn’t use them because we couldn’t verify them,” Moore said following a speech at the University of Central Arkansas.

These are bad times for the Ham Vacuum. The heady days of sharing the President’s box with Jimma Peanut at the Dem convention are long gone. Sure, the money’s in the bank for his hatchet job movie, but the public ego massage is over. There’s not one, or two, but three movies ripping him a new blowhole. He’s not a playa in the game anymore. Camp Kerry doesn’t want him anywhere near the candidate because of the blowback appearing with a certified Moonbat would entail, so he’s relegated to ripping off college kids (and further lining his pockets) with obnoxious speaking fees to get anyone to listen to him as the campaign heads toward the finish line. Even that’s beginning to boomerang on him. So he’s trying to attach himself to the scandal du jour. Pathetic

Go back to you New York dacha, Porky. The Huns are storming your neighborhood. The Upper West Side Bank is under siege.

UPDATE: One of The Corner Crew catches another example of the Ham Vacuum hoovering up student (and tax payer) dollars while he shills against Bush.

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