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Archive for "Oct 04 2004"

And You Better Smile When You Call Me That

I like Wizbang a whole bunch, but count me in with Michele. If Paul wants to call himself an “independent, peer reviewed journalist,” go ahead, good luck with it. To me, this joint is an extention of the local pub, where I can riff off on whatever I decide to rant away on. Whatever burr is itching my ass. Mocking Red Sox Nation. Playing word games, some serious, some ridiculous.

I’ve had friends ask me why I don’t run BlogAds and try to make a couple of coins off this thing (“I mean, hell, Red. You make me buy you beers every time you fix my computer. Why not make some money off that thing?”). I tell them it’s the same reason I don’t wear billboards masquerading as clothing unless there is an interlocking “NY” involved. Whatever they’re trying to sell, I probably’d never buy, so why help them? It’s like wearing green on St. Paddy’s Day. What’s the point? I’m just as much a Mick every other day of the year. Leave it to the poseurs.

This whole RatherGate thing showed that some palookas can kick the crap out of “Journalists,” and by networking their information together can take an 800 ton MSM dinosaur to ground. I’ve known the former for well over a decade. As for the latter, it was just a matter of time. Organizations like CBS had become so hidebound and insulated in their Manhattan media cocoon that they were bound to get reamed once they had lost the keys to the kingdom (and things like the AP wire). Drudge kicked the doors open some years back; now the party crashers are shitting all over the MSM’s furniture.

You’ll never catch me saying what I’m doing here is “journalism,” a la some of the hack shit I see written in newspapers ranging from the NY Times to my local piece of shit, even if I throw up something that could pass muster with any editorial board. I don’t want to be associated with that pack of self righteous, arrogant pricks.

I am an entirely different breed of self-righteous, arrogant prick.

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What’s Up With N.Z. Bear?

I just went from “Flappy Bird” to “Large Mammal” in The Ecosystem.
How the hell did that happen?
(Off to look at the logs and such.)

GirlieMan, Defined

You weren’t locked up in Riker’s General Population, you were in Protective Custody (AKA: Punk City). You had it as good as it gets in a NYC lock-up. And you whine like you were on Devil’s Island and get cut loose early because your political cronies knew you couldn’t handle the eight months you should have served on your one year stretch.

You wussie.

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