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Archive for "Sep 30 2004"

Prez Debates, Round One

Spent some time flipping between the debate and the Yankee game (burn, Bernie, burn!) so I didn’t see it all. From the parts I caught, Kerry didn’t do a good enough job to get much traction, and Pres. Bush reinforced the idea that public speaking ain’t exactly on the top of his skills set. But he did what seemed to be his main goal: pound away on Kerry’s indecisiveness. Overall, it seemed a draw; maybe Kerry ahead by a few points for not coming off as a pompous ass, but he never found something to whack W over the head.

Since Kerry is so convinced OBL is in Afghanistan, how about some coordinates? And he still can’t go for more than fifteen minutes without bringing up Vietnam. Christ, man! I lived in San Francisco for six months … that doesn’t make me an expert on sourdough bread or Barry Bonds’ steroid usage. The Swifties are gonna pound the hell out of him for the next month for continually harping on it.

Senator, the subways in NYC weren’t shut down during the Republican convention, just checked before entering Penn Station, which is right under the Garden. Your whole bloody hometown was pretty much closed when you had your coronation. And shut the fuck up about your “summit” and Kofi Annan. The Frogs already said the summit’s okay with them, as long as Zaquari and his murdering scum get a seat at the table. That kills that dead. And Kofi Annan is a criminal scumbag who let Saddam use the Oil for Food program to skim money for himself and bribe shitheels like, among others, Kofi’s son and Chirac cronies. Also, those bilateral talks with North Korea? Do you really believe China–never mind South Korea–wouldn’t get totally pissed if we cut them out of the negotiations? Oh, and I love the idea of nuclear bunker busters! Speed it up, kids! The Iranian moolahs need one dropped on their heads to bring them to heel. They sure as hell don’t need us giving them nuclear fuel in return for a promise not to build their own bomb. Clinton tried that with Kim Jung Mentally Ill and look what that got us.

BTW, Mr Winter Soldier? If we signed onto the International Criminal Court, your ass, and thousands of Vietnam vets, could be thrown in the dock as a war criminal, and they would have tape of you admitting your guilt. (Jeez, why didn’t Bush slam your head against the wall with that one?)

I’d spend time flipping around the channels to see what all the jabbering gibbons are saying in Spin City, but I’d just get annoyed. Kerry’s donkeys will bray that their boy was clearly the winner, and the Republican spinners will be deriding Kerry as a waffling empty suit. In the morning I’ll see how the spinning is playing out.

Oh, and Mr. McAuliffe? Fuck you and that e-mail you sent me about rigging the spin. Christ, dude, what’s the point of calling Air America Idiot and those other lefty talk radio shows to boost Kerry’s performance? And who the hell trusts an Internet poll? Or bases their vote on letters to the local fishwrap?

No wonder you knuckleheads are falling behind.

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Bright Light! Bright Light!

What is the goddamn problem? You afraid Oompa Loompa’s gonna go Gremlin?

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Shelly Silver Sucks (contd.)

Another entry in an ever-increasing file.

As my previous stuff makes blindingly clear, I hate this piece of monkey dung. Richard Schwartz: Silver’s shot points out the latest attempt to cut this midget off at the knees:

At issue is a radical proposal by Assemblyman Scott Stringer, a West Side Democrat, to recast the way the chamber operates. Based on recommendations from New York University Law School’s Brennan Center for Justice, Stringer’s resolution would ban the bizarre practice of letting Silver cast the votes for absent members. He would give committees more power and independence. And he’d make it far easier for members’ bills to get aired and voted on.

Hello? John LaVelle? You drunk fuck? I’ve seen your ass hanging on the end of Jody’s bar … go the fuck home already! If you vote to back him again without getting a payoff, you will get your head handed to you on Saint Paddy’s Day.

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