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Archive for "Sep 25 2004"


Think about it.
>>Both are considered towering figures in their little canyon, where the echoes of what the hell is going on is deafening.
>>they both call the other guy “chump” but cannot, for cash money, put him away.

Hey? Silver Shark …

How’d you miss this?

Frankly, nothing concerning foreign policy ever occurred to me until the middle of the last decade. I’d been writing about foreign countries and foreign affairs and foreigners for years. But you can own dogs all your life and not have “dog policy”.

You have rules, yes – Get off the couch! – and training, sure. We want the dumb creatures to be well behaved and friendly. So we feed foreigners, take care of them, give them treats, and, when absolutely necessary, whack them with a rolled-up newspaper.

When other countries demand a role in the exercise of global power, America can ask another fundamental American question: “You and what army?”

Three guesses who wrote that.

Rachel Corrie Returns!

Yeah, I know. I’ll probably catch hell for this.
So freaking what?
So there’s this hot shot chick basketball player who, for whatever reason, transfers after her freshman year to a Florida school which offers her a 22K ride to throw the rock in the hole. And then she talks to some Muslim students, and viola! She has an epiphany, and converts from Catholicism to Islam. An angry backlash allegedly ensues. And she’s incommunicado while some mouthpiece from that shitbag CAIR outfit is walking point for her.

So how soon does she get run over by a bulldozer?

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