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Archive for "Sep 23 2004"

Surrender to the Surrender Monkeys

Let Paree Host the 2012 Games
And then charge the bastards hard cash money for our Special Forces guys to keep the joint from getting blown straight the fuck up. Really. Let them have it. No one I know wants them Games being played here. Nannie Bloomie and his mooks are gunning for it, but that’s just because they got a real estate scam in play.

Give It to the Frogs! And then leave it to the EU’s nuanced military cognescenti to keep it all in one piece. But surround our and Israel’s kids with SEALs and Mossad.

Tell them, “We’ll cover ours, you cover the rest.”

I mean, they did one hell of a job in Munich.

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Check It Out

Stanley Crouch: 400 or so words
And he doesn’t say squat.
Stan? Dude! Go slap another one of your book reviewers. You’re getting old, bro!

Kid Rock

Kid Rock blasts Springsteen, Bon Jagoff for getting political

“… before you go and do that, why don’t these motherf**kers go over there and play for our soldiers in Iraq? I’m not vocal about my views on the war. I’m just vocal about my views on the troops,” he added.

Rock, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, went on to say that pop stars have no right to actively participate in politics.

“I do not believe that artists or actors and people should be out there like voicing their full-blown opinions on politics because, let’s face it, at the end of the day, I’m not that smart of a guy. I play rock ‘n’ roll, that’s what I do. Who would you trust to make your decisions, (US Secretary of Defence) Donald Rumsfeld or the Dixie Chicks,” said Kid.

Fuckin’ A.

(via Chrenkoff)

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