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Archive for "Sep 21 2004"

Bush at the UN

“I’m double parked, so I’ll be brief. You all can kiss my West Texas ass.”

Hey! Buzz Monkey? Eat My Irish Ass

I’m banned … again?
And your sorry rich boy ass at the hand of the Newhouse clan gives you some sort of cachet? Some snort of elan? You’re Doctor Phil on your best day, Jarvis. You’re a punk fuck. I’ve asked you before and I ask you again: Why do you shit on SI?

UPDATE: As my honored readers (yeah, that’s right … you two mooks sitting over there in the corner) may have gleaned, I’m right off the rails about now. And I’m staying here all bloody week. Going to Boston this weekend. They are all Irish cops up there, right? ‘Cause I’m pretty damn sure I’m ending up arrested.

Holy Jesus Lord God Almighty

Kerry on Letterman:
England? Fuck You.
Australia? Fuck You.
Polacks, and the rest of you hard scrabble buttmonkeys?
Fuck You.
(did I spell the sausage eaters right?)
Oh, yeah! Fuck you dagos!

It was unilateral, doncha know, you dumb fuck puppets.

Breathtaking. Dead from the neck up, train wreck in slo-mo, bloody breathtaking. And he won’t shut up.

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