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Archive for "Sep 19 2004"

Screw This Clown

Jed Babbin on Seymour Hersh and Chain of Command on National Review Online

When the title “Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist” is appended to someone’s name, it inevitably adds a measure of credibility he may not otherwise deserve.

Says who? Hersh has been a sceaming idiot for a long while before he got huffy about Abu Graib when, as far as so far has been told, jerkoff soldiers were playing dickhead in a fucked up prison where the Screws played the blind monkey game. So. Fucking. What?
Convict their asses and throw them in the can. Game Over. And I still won’t give a shit.

Star Gazing

Very, very cool. Flat on our backs in the yard, staring up, sipping drinkies through a straw. Orion straight up above us. Totally blazing. I slip into idiot mode.
“Orion was an asshole according to the other God types.”
“He’s got a dog, right?” Wife says. “This Orion guy. You told me that.”
“Manny,” I says.
“The dog’s name is Manny.”
I point at some random spot in the sky.
“Right there,” I say. “See? That light right there is God letting Manny catch that fucking ball.”
“You’re still pissed off because he comes from the Bronx?”
“Shut up, woman. I have enough trouble here.”

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Eat Shit, Rather

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