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Archive for "Sep 15 2004"

Watching CBS News Implode

This is unbelievable. I’m sitting here, watching Rather try to use the opinion of an 86 year old woman, whose existence he only discovered when other people did the leg work his team should have done in the first place, to save his hoary ass. A woman who is already on the record as loathing President Bush, considering him unfit to be President back in 2000.

A woman who everyone who has been following this story unfold–bloggers and Big Media alike–knows has just been rushed to Black Rock, spent the last few hours being pampered and prepped, and now is wheeling out a story–all supposition, BY HER OWN DESCRIPTION AT ONE POINT–to try and deflect the story back to his friggin’ talking points and away from the fraudulent documents.

Time to download those affiliate listings, boys and girls, and start burning the wires to your local listings. Time to bombard the advertisers and the VIACOM headquarters and shareholders. Rather, Heyward and their cohorts are going to take the whole network down protecting their source of the forgeries and pursuing their vendetta against Bush.

The are so crazed they think they can sway everyone’s attention away from the fact they put the bogus documents into the middle of this to elicit the questions they demand be answered, EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW THE DOCS ARE FAKES, but still want the questions answered?

Fucking insane. Whoever started this train wreck in hopes of derailing Bush is doing the opposite: this thing is going to explode in Kerry’s face by reinforcing to any swing voters out there that Big Media, in the form of CBS, is a propoganda arm of the Democrat party, like all those “evil” Republicans have been saying for years.

UPDATE: Allah:

If Edward R. Murrow wasn’t already dead, he’d kill himself.

For Rather, This Isn’t Anything New

He’s been down this road before.
And got away with it.
Not any more, Danny boy… the pipes, the pipes, are blowing “Amazing Grace” this time, bitch!

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Too Funny

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