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And I Thought I Hated the Advance more Than Ever Required to Hate A Newspaper

Jeez, I’m proven fuckin’ wrong:
The Spoons Experience: The Chicago Sun Times Smokes Monkey Cock

I got involved in a conversation with a friend from college last night about this whole thing.
“This is like when you went nuts when the school tried to shut down the paper?”
(at the time I was Ed-in-Chief, and a student group we were just beating like redheaded stepchildren for doing hazings produced what they said were minutes from one of our Ed board meetings saying “we’re gonna lie these Greeks into goodbye.”)
“Yup,” I said. “Bingo bango.”
“You never let anyone write anything down at meetings.”
“Yup again,” I said.
“And they came up with a printout.”
“And you called a lawyer (Nat Hentoff, who still says “Oh what the fuck do you want?” when I call him for whatever the hell) and threatened them to prove the printout was true?”
“And they gave me 30 grand and I started that asshat literary mag.”
“You’re enjoying the shit out of this, right?”
“Puppet,” I said, “the only thing better would be if it was a Newhouse outfit caught being this dumb. Then I could go down to Fingerboard Road and make them stand in line for ass-kicking.”

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