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Architecture Gets a Bleating

LILEKS (James) It’s Lithiated
A couple of moneys:

The McMansion crack is telling, too ñ what they mean is one of those big houses where the master bedroom closet is bigger than the living room of most Manhattan apartments.

Hereís the part that made me cock an eyebrow. ì(Coen and Partners) asked Salmela and Alt to design houses the echoed the vernacular materials and forms of the Mayo barns, which have small square windows.î

True. Because theyíre barns. Cows live there. Cows donít look out the window. The windows are usually on the second floor, too ñ they provide minimal light and ventilation. For the cows. I can imagine the owner of the 30s house in my neighborhood visiting one of these houses, and hearing the owner say ìthese small square windows are based on the windows in old barns.î

ìReally,î the visitor might say. ìMine are round, and theyíre based on zeppelin portholes.î

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