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He’s on the radio with John Gambling, and the complaints of protesters about the conditions at the holding pen comes up:

Bloomie: “Oh, please. We even gave them soy sandwiches when they said they were vegans.”

Spoons. Not Amused

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Dear Protesters,

Thanks for making the last week of the summer not as stupifiyingly boring as is the usual. Sure, it cost me a few bucks more than I intended to spend, and squelching the desk appearance tickets means my scumbag cousin the lawyer is going to end up with a few more IOUs he gets to cash against my ass, but hey? It was worth it, I guess.

I would ask you a favor, though, before you leave. Consider staying another few days and having one more “action.” See, a few friends of mine who are NYPD want to have a talk with you folks. Now that all the camera crews are gone. They would like to re-educate you as to just “whose” streets these streets you’ve been striding along the past week really belong to. A sizeable percentage of the Boys in Blue want to bestow a new tattoo or two on you. Without the camera crews getting in the way.

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