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Archive for "Sep 02 2004"

Welcome To New York

Aaron’s Rantblog, I’m Cross With Jewish Rorschach Results

To my secular co-religionistsÖ if you spent half the time eating a kosher deli sandwich that you do pursuing pork dumplings in Chinese restaurants, your obliteration through aggressive nihilistic assimilation wouldnít be a sure thing. Itís not the Cross that threatens you, certainly not in the United States.

I’ll go to the wall for this guy. Really. You? Hippie? AAARGGHH>>>>

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But perhaps more troublesome for the Democrat is what happened when participants were asked which dog breed they most closely associated with each candidate. For Mr. Bush, two breeds tied at 20% each: the Labrador retriever, the most popular family dog in America, and the Rottweiler, often used as a guard dog. As for Mr. Kerry, 15% associated him with Labs–but 14% picked a poodle (the poll didn’t specify a French poodle).

Calling Emperor Misha! Empereror Misha? Get your ass into the office! What the devil is going on over there?

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Would Anyone Hear Her Drop?

Talk radio either loves or hates show
Honey? No one working a microphone at Air Idiot is actually from NYC. Do a tout. I’d call you a “bitch,” but that would put you on a trophy stand, with idiots from Athens and that anal bitch from the English jerkoff’s ad-scam, that works for Jeffy BuzzBoy’s friends.

Sorry, mom. Hadda go up that canal.
I guess dinner’s out of the question this weekend?
I’ll bring Guy Molinari? I let you kick his guido ass all you want.

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