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Archive for "Aug 27 2004"

Who Gives a Damn About John McCain?

Kerry used him in his first anti-SwiftVet ad (since pulled), but still gets a chubby if you say his name. Bush is calling on him to help stamp out the 527 fires. It’s like he … counts.

Yeah, sure I know the drill: a zillion days in a bamboo cage back in the day. “Maverick” Republican. “Straight Talk Express” plastered on his campaign ride during the double ought campaign. Smeared by the Bush attack machine down in South Carolina during that cycle’s primary. Did I mention the POW part? These days that gives him some sort of gravitas when discussing the whole SwiftVet brawl.

So what? He’s an opportunistic scumbag with no core belief in anything other than himself who, for God only knows what reason (but I could riff an explanation out if I wasn’t working a different riff right here), got adopted by the press as some sort of Golden Calf after the South Carolina kerfuffle.
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AP: ‘Root Causes’ Are Bullshit, Sorta

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Poker, Vietnam Medal Rules

What are they? Because, according to this, SBVT frontman O’Neill is holding 3 Bronze Stars. Does that play well against 3 Purples with Bronze and Silver kickers? O’Neill might have something else in the hole; there’s nothing on the SwiftVet site or in the article, and I’m too lazy to look this early in the morning. but as the hands currently stand, who would you bet with?

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