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Archive for "Aug 26 2004"

Recommended for Immediate Blogrolling

Idle Yet

I found him from the Puppy Blender’s link to this piece, but after scanning around his other posts, I added him to my list. Besides, he’s using his Amazon/PayPal tin cups to beg for beer money. How cool is that?

(If I see one more friggin’ ‘Wish List’ … I wish I had a whole lotta crap; that’s why I work!)

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Minneapolis Smackdown Update

The Powerline crew are still waiting for their gutless opponent to come out of his cave after challenging him to debate them on their Northern Alliance Radio Network show, which will be broadcasting live from the Minny State Fair. Hit all the other links to catch up on the situation. When I first caught wind of Powerline’s challenge I said it looked like it was gonna be fun.

UPDATE: Abandon hope, Boydot!

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You Got Bigger Problems, Pal

IOC to Bush: Stop Running Olympic Ad

The U.S. Olympic Committee asked President Bush’s re-election campaign to pull a television ad that refers to the Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said.

The ad, extolling the return of Afghanistan and Iraq to the Games courtesy of U.S. military intervention, angers Olympic officials because they feel it hijacks the Olympic brand.

“We own the rights to the Olympic name and nobody asked us,” as IOC marketing chief Gerhard Heiberg put it succinctly.

In the current climate, you’d think they find someone other than a Kraut to say something that stupid.

You don’t own the words “this Olympics,” you dumb shnitzel eating apparatchick, and that’s all the ad used regarding your absolutely disastrous presentation this time around. Why don’t you worry about getting that pack of lunatic judges you’ve employed at this farce of a competition safely out of Greece. Better yet, make those whackos piss in a cup and test the results, because they are looking more and more like crazed drug addicts the longer your event goes on.

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