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Archive for "Aug 25 2004"

“Elect Me Or I’ll Shoot This Dog.”

At the beginning of today I was in a black mood. But watching Kerry & the Clowns just make total asses of themselves trying to muzzle the Swifties (and whacking away at Air Idiot in the middle of the day) has lifted the clouds. Now I got the Yanks on the tube, a fresh case of beer, the grill getting revved up out in the yard, beginning to send sweet mesquite smoke wafting through the kitchen windows…. Life is pretty damn good right now.

Someone fetch me a moonbat to bash about the cowl and I’d be a happy flightless waterfowl!

As is said, read the whole thing:
Cold Fury ª Laugh or cry?
and that headline will make sense.

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Canadian Loon Ain’t just a Coin

Really, you would think after the last time she’d look around and make sure there were no recording devices around.
Say Anything: Canadian Hate Speech

UPDATE: Too funny, is the first paragraph of this.

Yeah, that’s a damn good bit of clarification! You can still go pound sand, you useless Canuck. Keep your mouth shut or we’ll send Cartman to kick your ass.

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Another Steyn Strike

Jeez, yesterday he unloaded with this, and today Jessica’s Well points me at this one, with a nifty pic to boot!

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