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Archive for "Aug 20 2004"

Lemme Get This Straight …

Kerry’s sending this:
A smarmy, Ivy League idiot looking like he and Botox have had a skin deep, personal relationship, to refute this guy:
Who looks like he wishes he were anywhere else, but, as opposed to his opponent, was actually involved in the whole damn thing since Day One?

Online NewsHour: Sen. John Kerry Defends Vietnam War Record — August 19, 2004

Too Late, NY Times

You guys blew it. The SwiftVets announced their intentions back in May. The rumbling grew and grew and you ignored it. You knew it was out there; knew it was gathering steam, but tried to act like it wasn’t happening. Now, the day after Kerry tries to paint them as Bush campaign operatives, you come out with this:
Cambodian Christmas, after beating that drum for thirty friggin’ years!

You clowns waited too long. Any chance of crushing these guys is gone. You should have tried to kill them in the crib. In your Sunday edition their book is going to be ranked Number 1. They are way past their initial seed money you hark about in the article. Greenbacks are rolling in to help them launch more ads.

These guys knew the hit pieces would be coming the minute the polls showed they were starting to bloody Kerry’s nose. If anything, expect them to turn it up a notch.

I can’t wait to see what happens when the bloggers start waking up this morning. You guys are going to get a collective beating the likes of which you never imagined. That article includes so much crap that has already been hashed out ….

You jackasses are so over as the templars of national discussion. You’re three weeks behind and you’re using a lawnmower’s engine. The race is run. You lost. Dinosaurs.

Wizbang: Having Fun at the Times’ Expense
OTLM: NY Times Hit Piece on Swift Vets Finally Comes Out
Captain’s Quarters: Gray lady hides Kerry Behind Her Skirts (actually posted last night)
Dean’s World: Tsk, Tsk

Funniest Fisk of the Week

I need to check in on the Emperor’s Palace Guard more often.
Stick a sock in it, Kofi
There is some high octane umbrage being hurled in them there halls!

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