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Archive for "Aug 19 2004"

Another Nagging Question

Okay, so Rassman was a Green Beret who ended up in the water and got hauled out by Kerry. Forget the rest of the details that are in dispute. Can anyone explain to me why Rassman was on the bloody boat to begin with?

How come there are no other Green Berets mentioned being detailed to the Swift Boats that day? What was he, some friggin’ Rambo or something?

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Alphabet Media? You Gonna Step Up?

now that Kerry’s attacked his detractors in front of microphones and cameras, are any of you gutless dolts going to realize that you have to give the SwiftVets something that at least resembles a fair hearing? To start with, you can cut stuff like this out of the equation:

Senior Democrats, including some inside the campaign, had urged Kerry to respond forcefully to the criticism, largely Republican sponsored, that has been heaped on Kerry and his Vietnam service since the Democratic nominee showcased his military service during his national convention last month. (emphasis mine)

Unless you put, “backed by rabid anti-Bush billionaire George Soros” behind every instance where you mention

Fun With Cluebats

I’ve got this big old Irish blackthorn walking stick that supposedly belonged to my father’s father’s father and came over on the boat back in the late forties when my Da immigrated from Eire. I get a feeling it is gonna get a workout next week if this moronic moonbat and his comrades really want to make meyham.
A Small Victory – Bitchslap Ted Rall Day: Protest Edition
I got ins at two different DA’s offices, so I don’t give a damn if I get busted for busting a moonbat’s skull. I won’t get time, I’ll get a fine … whoopie friggin’ do! How do I pay, paper or plastic?

Just hand me one of them bogus maps, boyos….

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