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Archive for "Aug 16 2004"

Bulldog .44 Edition

Birthday today. Blogging will be either a)non-existent, or b)incomprehensible, since it’s now passed the mid-day hour and the wife-imposed governor has been prized loose from my self restraint valve, so all sorts of fermented fun is about to go down my gullet and deliver itself straight to my brain while me and a friend play with chainsaws in the rain. Around seven or so this evening the party I’ve been telling all who asked to not bother throwing kicks in, which means I probably won’t be operationally lucid till Wednesday.

UPDATE: I’m telling ya, a case of beer and a pint of single malt just doesn’t do it for me anymore. The first round of the Birthday Bacchanal is over, and not only can I see, it all makes sense. And the rain stopped and the sun came out, so the whole chain saw thing came too close to resembling effort instead of foolery, so we tossed that aside and grilled up a couple of pounds of cow and chicken and now we’re waiting for everyone else to show up and kick this hamster dance into a higher (and hopefully weirder) gear.

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