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Archive for "Aug 14 2004"

Note to Self

Look at the clock. Yeah, that’s right. Jeez, even the dogs abandoned you. And who gives a damn if you match the color on that curio after stripping an eigth of an inch of pink paint of the beast? What happens on Monday? You’re annum closer to dead. And two days later you’ll get in a brawl with some goomba asshats at the Baby Bomber game, and continue it Friday in the Bronx, and then on Saturday–remember?–Connecticut and Bangalore buttmonkey dickheads who work with your wife at the friggin’ kraut bank.
There’s a reason the dog left your side, numbnuts.
Now go make eggs and act like you slept on the couch.

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Scoop Up Both These Turds

Poopygate: We Got Tape!
Your governor just got kicked out for outlandish corruption (starting a NorthEast trend… too bad Pataki is such a wussy), and this is what these gavones are fighting about? I thought you … no, I never thought you idiots were better than dogshit.

Agreed, But Missing One Rule

All the world’s a playground
Jay forgot “Just because there are actually books in his bookbag, don’t size the four-eyed kid up for a nerd suit. He’ll kick your ass and explain how he did it while you’re on the ground.”

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