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Archive for "Aug 12 2004"

A Nagging Question

It’s very early in the morning. I just stumbled into the office after turning on the DiMaggio, and woke up the beasties who’d been sleeping the night away, chewing over SETI signals, so I have no idea yet where the Kerry vs. Swifties story has been spun to at this point. But I had one of those random thought things happen before I went to bed last night, and it was still with me when I woke this morning. It goes something like this:

Kerry is toast; the Swift Boat guys end up blowing his ass to Kingdom Come. His Big Media protectors are forced to take up that story, along the way scrutinizing his ridiculous “secret plan” for getting our troops out of Iraq after taking office by bringing in his soulmates in the EU, who just got bitch slapped by the mad mullahs of Iran. Kerry ends up completely destroyed, credibility-wise. His campaign is in tatters by the end of September, early October. It looks like Bush may win in a landslide of epic proportions ….

McAuliffe & Co. pull a Torricelli.

Don’t anyone tell me this is impossible. If it was, you wouldn’t know what the last sentence meant. The question (well, two) is this: Would they be brazen enough to do it again? And would Big Media stand on the sidelines long enough (the way they’ve stood on the sideline since May, when the Swifties first went public) to let it go down? Remember, the election HAS to be held November 2nd. And none of them said “Boo” the first time the tactic was used.

In between that thought’s reccurance I dreamed I got my ass blown up taking the 1/9 train to meet my wife in midtown for an early dinner at this place she loves near her office, but that’s a regular on my nocturnal playlist. Doesn’t even spook me anymore.

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