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Archive for "Aug 10 2004"

A Holiday in Cambodia

Jello didn’t see this coming:

It’s time to taste what you most fear
Right Guard will not help you here
Brace yourself, my dear…

The barn door’s open, the horse is long gone, and the stalls are on fire. This guy is toast. The media isn’t going to be able to protect him from 250 Swifties. He made his entire reason to be considered a credible candidate his time in Vietnam, and everyone in Big Media just accepted his version of everything without anything resembling scrutiny. Kerry supporters can try to smear these Swift Boat veterans all they want: these guys knew that was what would be coming and they still went public. They are more than willing to take the heat. The “Christmas in Cambodia” bullshit is in the friggin’ Congressional Record. His centerpiece, the four month tour, is about to not just bite Kerry in the ass, it’s gonna devour him and his campaign whole. The only chance he stands is to release all his military records, which, if only half of what the Swift Boat Vets say is true, will bury him as an opportunist asshole with delusions of Camelot dancing in his head since the day he was denied his deferment and decided to sign up for service. But the Bush hatred is so strong on the left that a lot of them won’t give a damn, so it might not blow him straight to Kingdom Come. He could pull a Clinton and apologize to every camera he can find and the ABB crowd will give him a pass. But then their candidate becomes an empty suit, and an empty suit is never gonna win a Presidential election, no matter how bad some people hate the incumbent. has a rundown on who’s writing what, and who isn’t.

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Shut Up, Darth

Your team has a ten and a half game lead over Boston, who don’t look to have enough gas in the tank to capture the wild card playoff berth. You just had four of your starters pitch well and, more importantly, deep, giving the bullpen a needed breather. Mussina is due back in the next week or so, which means Loaiza, and probably Lieber, are heading for the bullpen come playoff time.

Ripping Torre for resting Sheffield, who’s been playing with a banged-up body all season long, is just stupid. Everybody is going to be getting rested over the course of the nexth month. For all intent and purpose, the regular season is over; now Joe has to get this team ready for the second season. That means the regulars are going to be sitting out some games and the bench guys are going to see more playing time. And it’ll probably “cost” the Yanks a few games in the process. So friggin’ what!

If you’re gonna open your trap about anything, come clean about what’s the matter with RhoidBoy. I think his having to cut the juice out of his diet is the reason for his physical condition, which any fool could see was radically different dating back to Day One of spring training. You and all your office boys know it, and the info embargo you have in place is not gonna last much longer. So put all the facts on the table, now, so it doesn’t become a shitstorm when the team is heading into the playoffs come October.

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