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Archive for "Aug 05 2004"

Hey? Kerry? Here’s Your Froggie Foreign Policy

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Mazel Tov!

Stressed Israeli soldiers to be treated with cannabis.
Oy! I went to Gaza and all I got was a hemp tee shirt.

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Whole Damn Block Doin’ a Freezout : Springsteen Talks About Anti-Bush Concert Tour

TED KOPPEL: Bruce, let me put it very bluntly … Who the hell is Bruce Springsteen to tell anybody how to vote?

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: This is my favorite question.

KOPPEL: I thought it would be.

SPRINGSTEEN: First of all, I don’t even tell anybody anything. You know, you ask people to think about things together, you know Ö.

KOPPEL: Is it going to hit you hard? …

SPRINGSTEEN: … I think you have a bond with your audience, and it’s very particular because you’ve put your fingerprints on their imagination. It’s really intimate. We’ve done it for a long time Ö.

I think for a percentage of my audience, this may feel like a severance of that bond, you know. But basically I feel like the relationship is more complicated than that, you know, that we’re one, but we’re not the same, you know Ö.

Hello, you Rumson living, increasingly clueless, money dumb fuck. Pull Rob Reiner out of your ass. Why not tip back a glass of Freehold water? You remember Freehold? That’s where Miami Steve didn’t have to a wear a doo rag all the time because he still had hair. He wasn’t a “Soprano,” he was an asshole third guitar who you replaced with a guy from another fucking continent, who to this day can’t sing for shit and any dumb bastard slinging for the Jukes can play under a table. So now you are gearing up to do a tour to kick the President of the USA in his ass, and in the interview with this assmonkey you admit, you don’t give really a shit. It’s just “Bush Gotta Go.” Kerry could fuck your mother, you’ll still take money and go dance this tour. I notice it says “You, Alone, Garfunkel.”
Not “and the E Street Band.”
Clarence probably wants to kick your ass dead in a ditch for a stunt like this. What is it? John Cougar WhatAreWeCallingHimThisMonth and Bon Jagoff getting to much shine time?

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