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Too weird a concept, so just go read it… but it would be kind of cool to get Bruin games, since the Rangers are unbearable.

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There are 4 Comments to "WTF?"

  • El Jefe says:

    WTF? is right! YOU actually wanting to watch a Bruins game? Coulda sworn you were die-hard Rangers/Yankees/Knicks.

    Only time I watch the Rangers is if there is no other comedy on at the time.

    Besides, the Bruins pull the Red Sox’ June swoon every January/February.

  • El Jefe says:

    It’s like a buddy of mine who lives outside of DC but LOVES Cowboys. Said that he met Danny White at a training camp and would drop the soap for him any time.

  • TC says:

    When I was 12 (’72) I got hit by a car and knocked out of hockey for almost a year. My cousin taught at MIT and palled around with some of the single Bruin players. I got a box with a jersey, autographed yearbook, the works. They’ve held a soft spot ever since.

  • TC says: