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Slim Shady Sharpie Returns!

Terry McAuliffe’s nightmare hit the podium last night. I can believe the following conversation occured sometime before the convention:

McAuliffe: “Look, Al. I know the Senator said you’d speak at the convention, but–”
Sharpie: “You call me “Reverend,” you little crackerass. And don’t even try to ask me to pass up my turn on the stage. I am gonna give my speech Wednesday night, and the only thing you have to think about is whether I give it at the podium or in the parking lot.”

So Al got his turn in the spotlight. He was allotted a six minute window and his text was vetted by the DNC team to rip out the incendiary stuff to keep it in line with the Dems game plan of not having their speakers beating Bush over the head incessently. So Al used the script like a suggestion sheet and ad-libbed furiously for a full twenty minutes.
The part that got me laughing:

“As I ran for president, I hoped that one child would come out of the ghetto like I did, could look at me walk across the stage with governors and senators and know they didn’t have to be a drug dealer, they didn’t have to be a hoodlum, they didn’t have to be a gangster,” he said.

But being a race baiting charlatan scam artist whose vitriol has led to innocent people getting killed or having their lives ruined while you went from wearing sweat suits and defending street hoods to sporting Armani as a media darling is a pretty good way to put some bread in the bank.

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