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Archive for "Jul 28 2004"

This Isn’t Really News

Captain’s Quarters weighs in on the Kerry Home Movies that Drudge is getting whacked out about, but their existence is an old story, one covered by The Boston Globe and The New Yorker (excerpted at Just One Minute).

What’s amazing; another example of just has massively dumb his campaign is showing itself to be, is that they even considered turning the film over to Spielberg’s puppy. Kerry knew there was a large contingent of Swift Boat veterans who think he’s unfit to be Commander-in-Chief. And they know the footage was staged, because they were there.

Other than the delusionally psychotic ABB crowd, who is going to believe there just happened to be a guy with a camera following this clown around the Mekong for those four months?

“Sure Johnny, I’ll shoulder my rifle and film your derring-doing in this here free fire zone instead of getting all Genghis Kahn on these gooks’ asses. I’ll leave the heavy work for you!”

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SurrenderMonkey Asswhupping Alert

At 1PM Eastern Time, expect what looks to be A Nuclear Bleat when James recounts his run-in with the American bureau chief of Paris Match.
Hugh Hewitt watched it go down, and said “It wasn’t pretty….”

UPDATE: Not the whacking I was expecting.
Best bit:

Iím not a French-hater; I love much of their culture. Ravel. Debussy. The great gauzy painters, the stern neo-classical work of Jacques-Louis David. Even Piaf, although after a while you want Patsy Cline to show up and teach her a lesson in getting over it, for Godís sake. (emphasis mine.)

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Hillary’s ’08 Running Mate

Say what you want about his speech, but since he’s a lock to win his Senate race, Obama would be the absolutely perfect person to share the ticket with her in ’08. Hell, when it’s time to name him, he’ll have more political experience than Edwards has right now. (Come to think of it, he already does … hasn’t won a state-wide election yet, but he’s been in the game for awhile, and he’s given the keynote at his party’s national convention. Did Edwards get any podium time four years ago? Did anyone even say his name? Did any delegates not from his state even know his name?)

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