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Just Nuke the Joint

A lot of people ask me why I don’t get more involved in local politics, since I’m an obvious junkie for the stuff. It’s mostly because NY politics, on nearly every level, is a fixed game, so what’s the point of sitting at the table? In NYC, as long as we keep putting a Republican (even a RINO like Nurse Bloomberg) in the mayor’s chair we won’t get absolutely steamrolled by the Democratic-owned City Council. Out of a total of 51 members, only 3-count ’em-are Republicans, and two of those are from here on Staten Island, “the forgotten borough,” which the rest of the city used as its trash can until Rudy and Pataki put a stop to it when the Island was in an uproar and threatening to secede. And I’d shoot both their asses if given half a chance.

It’s worse when you go up to Albany, which today drew the wrath of the NY Daily News editorial page, branding it The worst legislature in America. Between the Assembly and the Senate, there are 212 members of the New York state legislature. But only two count: The Assembly Speaker, Democrat Shelly “The Scumbag” Silver, and the Senate Majority Leader, Republican Joe “Numbnuts” Bruno. They wield such total control over what happens that:

… lawmakers need not even be present to vote. Once they sign in for the day, they’re counted as voting yes on every measure taken up by their houses unless they object. Whether they stay in Albany or fly to Timbuktu, they’re recorded as supporting everything the speaker or majority leader puts forward that day.

And it’s never gonna change, because the rank and file legislators are terrified of bucking these two mooks.

(On a lighter note, the Daily News’ second editorial makes me think whoever wrote it is either channeling or ripping off Michele from ASV.)

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