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Lileks Obliterates Fatty; Misses Moore BS

Today’s edition of The Bleat features a full-tilt fisking of Fatty’s Fourth of July Op-Ed piece from the LA Times.

You missed one thing, Jimbo. Fatty claims to have been an Eagle Scout, but things changed “in high school…”

I call “Bullshit!”

Knowing the requirements, he would have had to set a bloody speed record to achieve it by the time he hit high school. There isn’t a word to be found about him on the Flint BSA website, and no matter what many people may think about Scouting, you reach Eagle rank, you get your props, especially if your name in nationally known. They even have a classification, the DESA, for just such occasion.

So what Lileks called “his patriotic bona fides” is probably an entire paragraph of propaganda meant to give his polemicist’s perspective some poignancy, like the crap about “nine boys from my school” that Lileks’s look at the timeline derides.

And before anyone offers this as proof he was an Eagle, I contacted Mr. Everette this morning, and he says he doesn’t even know where he got the information, and has beenconsidering removing Moore’s name from his list–regardless of the current contretemps– because he can’t verify it from any sources, and he’s a Scouting insider. So don’t even try. The Eagle Scout claim reeks as much as Fatty’s feet do of nothing but PR bullshit.

UPDATE: Everyone who’s sending me google listings that are comprised of biographic info from movie sites or interviews, stow it. Your sources are bogus and comments immediately deleted. That’s a publicity sheet talking, not a source from the Boy Scouts of America. You find me a verifiable issuance of his Eagle Scout Certificate of Achievement from the BSA. Your boy’s track record means nothing but indisputable proof will convince me I’m wrong. And talking shit at me without at least a credible premise to start from just means your ass gets deleted.

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