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Archive for "Jul 07 2004"

Allah Is Cruel

Crushing a Legion of Fappers
(don’t miss the comments!)

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Send Bill to Boston!

The intrepid chronicler of all that is Moonbat has scored an invitation to the ultimate convocation of Moonbattery up Beantown way but can’t afford the costs.

INDC Journal: Hold the Phone
This is gonna be the single greatest target-rich environment a popular culture scientist like Bill can ever hope to see for at least another four years. Convince him it is his solemn duty to attend. Fling some money at his PayPal account! Offer a comfy couch where he can crash (that means you, SonofNixon, or either of the two potzers who haven’t squared their bets with me yet), do whatever it takes.

UPDATE: Hold the phone, indeed. It seems Bill’s been uninvited.

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Air America Idiot Update

Kerry announces his VP pick, so of course I flip the radio on to hear what the Air Idiot’s big guns, Franken and Rhodes, have to say on the matter. Oops. They’re on vacation and running “Best Of” shows (how you choose these when you have only been broadcasting for three months is beyond me … I guess calendar pages and darts are involved).

NYC radio junkies are somewhat confused, too. A few of them think it has to do with saving some salary dollars.

You HAVE to have your big dogs on the air if you’re the Liberal Radio Network and you’re struggling to survive. The second stringers and tape don’t cut it. You know WABC is running balls-to-the-wall live voices across the board, especially Limbaugh and Hannity’s shows, and even if one of their talkers is on vacation (John Gambling), they’d have someone live sitting in for them (Laura Ingraham). You just don’t go to the tapes for a week during the campaign that pretty much defines your reason for existence. You gotta be ready to respond to any breaking news.

That is, if you’re professional broadcasters.

UPDATE: Seems Franken is working on his coming Senate campaign. Or making some folding money. Or both. But he sure ain’t on vacation the way I define vacation.

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