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Archive for "Jul 01 2004"

Why Not Whack Rall While We’re At It?

Ted Rall Is Full Of Crap – Apartheid

I’m feeling so VRWC these days, I’m gonna go out and get a couple of Doberman pups and wean them on kittens.

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Do the Saddam!

Wizbang: Hip-Swaying Dancing Doll Ridicules Saddam
Man, somebody start importing these puppets stateside, stat!

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Desperation Swells at the NYT

Having read the offerings over at lead editorial was more worried about Saddam being treated fairly under Iraqi and international law. I’m sure that elected Iraqi government you yearn to be the one to try Saddam under what they call Iraqi law will tell any internationalists from Brussels or the Hague to piss up a rope…”we’ll give him a fair trial and then we are hanging his ass, shoving it back in the spiderhole, and salting the earth above.”

MoDo was, well, let’s just say ‘loonier than usual.’

Friedman fill-in Barbara Ehrenreich took a dubious stab at refuting the notion of the existence of a ‘liberal elite’ by holding Fatty up as the exemplar of the liberal mantle, but certainly not an ‘elite.’
(Note to Barbie: possesion of a “ton of money,” as you acknowledge Fatty has, is part of the definition of ‘elite.’ Another part is “thinking you’re smarter than everyone else,” another part of Fatty’s formula. Bring your ‘A’ game if you’re gonna play on this page for the next three months.)

Economist du jour (and NY Times real estate partner) Steven Rattner fulminates on federal borrowing, which is a current sore point with him, since the Feds wouldn’t let him and the Sulzberger clan use Liberty Bonds meant for downtown reconstruction to build the Times a spanking new midtown abode.

Finally, we get ersatz Republican Bruce Bartlett, who tries to defend Bubba Clinton as, looking back, an economic conservative, but takes until the second to last sentence in his essay to mention that most of the good stuff happened because a Republican Congress wouldn’t let Bubba go nuts and rammed their agenda down his throat.

It feels like it’s gonna be a long summer for Gail Collins’ crew. Well, they can always continue thumping their Abu Graihb drum. But that beat only plays in the choir these days.

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