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Archive for "Jun 24 2004"

Lupica Lies Like a Rug

This column is such a load:

“What the heck?” Freestone said yesterday. “There was the wife of a New York Yankee on board? All’s I knew by the time I got over there, was that it looked like the people on board had made it to dry land, because their feet on dry land means they made it.”

Lip, you were home working on your next shitty novel, … your Clintonkid tele-intern maybe–maybe–talked to this dope on the phone … if Gomer even really exists beyond the shit you stole from Madden.

“There was a wife of a New York Yankee on board?”
“All’s I knew…”
“What the heck”

Shut the fuck up and play some golf, you gnome.

Which Is Funnier?

That it took this long for this to get some major play:

Moonie leader ‘crowned’ in Senate

Or that all the backpedalling SOBs have for-shit staffs that didn’t see it coming and let their puppies walk right into the thick of it?

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Uncle Gun Explains It All

My favorite rational gun nut has finally included a picture of one of my little trio of “get pass the dogs, deal with their daddy” (that’s what the sign on the front door says) security system here at the LeatherPenguin’s Igloo.
(Don’t worry … there’s other, more techie crap involved … sensors and such … I just don’t really trust it .. but it makes wife feel nice.)

See URBAN, photo 1.

Yeah, they cost, but with these three Mossies I know someone breaking into my house is going right back out the way they tried coming in. Period.

“Honey, call Lawyerboy.(pause) Everybody on the fucking block heard that, cops’ll be here soon enough. Make the call. ..(pause) SHUT THE FUCK UP and get my shyster cousin’s ass here NOW! (pause) Honey, this gun ain’t empty and I’m crazy pumped up…just start fuckin’ dialing…

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