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Archive for "Jun 23 2004"

A ‘Makes Me Happy’ Moment

I get a vicarious thrill thinking about all the idiots (especially you, Older Sister Dearest. Never argue with baby brother about these kind of things. You always end up in tears and I’m sick of fixing your messes for free) I told to stay the Hell away from these schmucks who ignored me and now keep bitching about spam.
Kids, you ain’t seen nuthin yet:

AOL’s list of 30 million subscribers stolen and sold

They might have busted these two, but the horse is out of the barn and probably running wild by now.

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Screw Us? Screw You!

I’m loving Mayor Mike a little bit more this morning.
Explaining why he pulled the welcome mat out from under Ohio Rep. Bob Ney after the Congressman helped block New York getting a bigger chunk of Homeland Security dollars that Congess, as usual, treated as a trough for everyone to feed from, Mayor Nanny scolded the hick from the sticks:

“Congress is always out trying to help their constituents. Well, we are their constituents, we are the country’s constituents,” Bloomberg said. “This is where they come for funds and this is where they come for exposure and publicity, and I think that the political ramifications are all positive for the city if we stand up.”

And this is where the bad guys have come and blown shit up, twice!

Bloomie’s fed up with the way NYC is getting shorted on the Homeland Security funds, which Congress took out of Secretary Tom Ridge’s control so they could make sure that they all got a slice of the pie:

Instead of allocating the critically important money where it is needed most, Congress treated the counter-terrorism funding like a pot of federal highway money, distributing it according a bizarre population-based formula that results in Wyoming getting more than seven times the funding per capita than does New York — clearly the terrorists’ favorite target.

The formula calls for 60 percent of the counter-terrorism funding to be allotted according to population, with the remaining 40 percent to every state, with each state, regardless of how far removed from the terrorists’ sights it is, getting a minimum amount.

According to this whacked distribution policy, every state in the country–except California!–gets more per-capita dough than New York. Ney’s mouthpiece ‘tsk’tsked’ Bloomberg’s reaction:

Walsh said Bloomberg was serving “his own petty, political needs” – and charged Hizzoner has never tried to emulate the “positive relationship” that former Mayor Rudy Giuliani had with Congress.

Screw you, numbnuts. If Rudy was still the mayor none of your master and his bastard buddies would dare try and screw him on these funds. And your boss also screwed Ohio’s big three of Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus so he could keep his slice of pie.

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Did Boss Pull a Ross (Perot)?

Did he hire mercs to smuggle his erratic pitcher’s family out of Cuba in a final attempt to get his head screwed on right?

New York Daily News – Home – With hugs, kisses and misty eyes, Yankee pitcher Jose Contreras was reunited with his wife and daughters in Miami last night after his family’s daring nighttime escape from Cuba.

You know Fidel had to be keeping a close eye on these people, because Contreras defecting and ending up in Yanqui Pinstripes must have drove him nuttier than usual. So I find it unlikely that your average, run of the mill smugglers pulled this caper off.

Whatever. But Jose? You better have your ‘A’ game from here on out.

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