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Archive for "Jun 18 2004"

I Thought Bill Was Overwrought

When he pronounced I’m Filled With Boundless, Visceral Hatred. But then I caught a gander at this, and I was suddenly slewed to his point of view.

Maybe your readers never heard of Steyn, numbnuts, but he’s featured in way more venues then you can ever hope to accrue. You’re stuck scribbling for a “paper” that’s more often used as wipedown from a men’s room hookup (“I used to be in WHAM”) than a place where a thought could be bought…unless your fishwrap has gone the way of the Village Voice, and have to give your shit away and depend on the hooker ads at the back to pay for your paper’s print run…then your riff is worth what it costs.

And I can go down to Christopher Street and purchase “photo art” collections that make the Abu Ghraib photo-shoot look like an amateur’s first stab at breaking into the market.
“Soldiers? Oh, we’ve soo been there. But the bitch in khakis is kinda cute.”

Baby Bombers Are Back!

And Tommy John’s the Skipper for this year’s crew, which includes Willy Randolph’s kid…it don’t get much better than this!

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First Reaction: No Way, Jose!

But the further along I read through this, the more it made a certain kind of splendid sense.

Especially the last sentence.

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