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Archive for "Jun 14 2004"

I Love It When I Get There First

Gelernter repeats here what I said here.

My “massage to my ego” moment:

Nor did Reagan leave the Soviet collapse to chance. His arms buildup and especially his Strategic Defense Initiative were feats the Soviets could not duplicate even if they died trying. For Gorbachev, last ruler of the Soviet Empire, the launching of the SDI project “was the most effective single act to bring that old apparatchik to his senses,” according to Professor Genrikh Trofimenko, adviser to the Soviet Foreign Ministry (quoted by Derek Leebaert in The Fifty-Year Wound). I have heard liberals argue that Reagan could not possibly have planned to beat Soviet communism this way, by unleashing the U.S. economy; but how do they think we won World War II? Of course by heroic fighting and–by unleashing the U.S. economy. U.S. economic might crushed the Nazis and Japanese as it crushed the Soviets.

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Weekend Good Guy Award Winner

Reggie Sanders: Man with Class
That “burly man” who steamrolled the kid wouldn’t have made it out of Yankee Stadium in one piece if he refused to give the tyke the ball, a hot dog, soda, his wallet….

IMAO: In My World

The Independent

Bush picked up the phone in front of him and dialed a number. “Hello, Jesus, this is President Bush… What do you mean how did I get your number? I’m the President of the United States. We have everything on file. We even have plans stashed away somewhere to invade Heaven if we one day deem it a threat.

Read the whole thing.

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