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Archive for "Jun 13 2004"

Our Scumbags are better than yours

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Here Behind the Glass

we have a total Roaring Ass.
Be careful as you pass.
Move along, MoveOn.

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I’ll Cover the Bail …

For whoever kicks this dude into the gutter by noon, Monday, and sends me pictures to prove it.

Kevin Drum Goes Deep Into Dickdom

I will also entertain the notion of providing a full-blown barbecue afternoon–my yard or yours– to whoever residing on the East Coast can satisfactorily explain to me why and when Oliver Willis got his lifer’s pass to the Andy Warhol Factory. Don’t tell me about that PBS splash…the little bald smirk-a-thon doesn’t write, doesn’t think (other than Brittney in his nerdboy pants)…. What the fuck IS IT with that guy that makes fellows cling to him like the evening’s moths before I fire up a stogie?

Shit, even his motto is retarded.
“Like Kryptonite to Stupid.”

Like = ValleyGirl/Idiot syntax.
Kryptonite = Kills Superman.
Stupid = Fool.

A fool doesn’t give a shit about Kryptonite, dude. It’s just another rock..
He’ll wrench it out of your hand and beat you with it if you dare to wield it like some righteous idgit from a Monty Python movie.

Wait, that was unfair…let me call Art Bell and apologize to Moonbat Nation.

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