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Air America Idiot Update

I should have known better, but I had to see how Franken would behave with Pres. Reagan’s funeral Mass in progress when “The O’Franken Factor” hit the airwaves today.

I’m sure your acolytes find this “satire” funeral Mass you’re running while the real one is under way is a laugh riot. Yeah, the FrankenFans and the MoveOn/DU Crews are probably chortling away, especially since you even zinged Jimmy Carter’s wife. “Fair and Balanced” and all that.

And I’m also sure that all those station groups and talk radio program directors whose favor you’re gonna have to curry to get your ass on their stations are gonna love hearing about it and contemplating the shitstorm signing you would bring to their doors after their proven, income-generating right wing talkers get hold of the audio and start eviscerating you on the 700 or so stations where they’ll be broadcasting come Monday morning…if the beatdown doesn’t start sooner.

Couldn’t just shut the fuck up, could you? Had to dangle some red meat in front of your hyena pack, din’t cha? Those program directors will run away if the right wing lions roar, and you just gave them reason to bellow. You’ve made a practice of running Limbaugh audio and trashing what he says…Christ, it’s usually your best bit…don’t you think that dog can turn and bite your damn ass at any given moment? While Rushie doesn’t give a fuck about you, you have gone out of your way to give a shit about him. I guess that Ho from the Hamptons parks your car.

The Reaganauts are already getting riled up about the way Rall and other ill-bred idiotarian moonbats (like your recent guest, Palast) have been gloating about Reagan’s passing…what the fuck would your reaction be if the right beat the shit out of your boy Wellstone when he died, the way your side is trashing their hero, before they even had a chance to put him in the ground?

I’ll assure you, next week, when all the media considers it safe and they begin taking a “critical” look at Reagan, and the Reaganauts are finished lauding their hero, they are gonna declare “WAR!” and they are gonna be out for blood. They can point their audiences at your advertisers like a gun loaded with a magazine full of bullets called “boycotters” and blow your ass to Kingdom Come. Any advertiser who also appears on the right wingers’ shows can be told, “Us or them.”

Your first ‘official’ Arbitron book can look like gold and it wouldn’t mean shit…those station groups were gonna need to see two before taking a chance on you.

But no, you couldn’t pass on mocking a memorial mass….


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