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Archive for "Jun 10 2004"

Fun Facts For Whacking Moonbats

courtesy of The Daily Blogster

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Has Anyone Told Oliver?

Yahoo! News – Britney Spears Undergoes Knee Surgery After Injury

Spears, 22, had just completed a scene with rap star Snoop Dogg for a video of her latest single, “Outrageous,” and was doing choreography under the L Train line on Roosevelt Avenue in Manhattan when her left knee gave out, Jive Records said in a statement.

Attention: Reuters Asshat Wire Editor: “Roosevelt Avenue” is in Queens; it happened under the 7 train, which runs on an “elevated” track above Roosevelt.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I can imagine the phone call that generated this “statement.” Some junior PR hack from Jive calls the desk and breathlessly delivers the scoop straight from the emergency room:
“Yeah, we we working on the video for “Outrageous, y’know, the one with Snoop Dog? Anyway, we were under the el train, on Roosevelt Avenue, and Britt’s knee went kaflooey.”
Asshat: “What happened?”
“She screwed up her steps and the knee went “bam!” She’s done the same thing before. They took her to the hospital and she got an MRI. They said she got some floating cartilage.”
“Okay, thanks. I owe you one.”
And Asshat sends it out on the wire without going through the “W” factcheck list that used to be beaten into a reporter’s skull: Who, What, When, WHERE!

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Ditz Does It Again

MoDo Strikes Again
There is no way I can ever take the NY Times Op/Ed section seriously as long as this “I wish I was Tina Brown” dilletante gets a biweekly column that never has to remotely resemble reality, just a transcript of the kaleidoscopic craziness flashing across the inside of her skull.

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