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PJ Hits One Out

Somewhere around the time Hunter went over the edge and decided to stay there O’Rourke became my only reason to bother buying Rolling Stone anymore. That rag became anathema when Wenner screwed my on a free-lance gig. (Yes, you, Wenner, you short fat nimrod. Your name’s at the top of the chain, so everyone below is you with a smaller expense allowance.)

In I Agree with Me, PJ reinforces a lot of things I’ve come to realize more and more as I’ve been writing commentary and blogging. (I’d include “yakking at the pub” but Nanny Bloomberg put an end to that.) Nobody on either “side” gives a damn about having a good old argument anymore. If someone disagrees with you, they won’t go toe to toe and argue specifics, it devolves into name-calling, so everyone huddles with the folks who argee with them and write the “other” side off as losers.

The whole Air Idiot thing brought it to a head for me. No matter how many times I said my beef about their operation wasn’t the premise, but that the business model sucked and was gonna crash and burn, I kept being told I was “a right ring whacko” spewing “bile and hatred” or “you’re a Limbaugh-loving cocksucker” or some other kind of bullshit.

Well, the business model DID suck and DID crash and now they’re scrambling to keep it from burning to the ground, and all the name-calling trolls can do is point at some trend numbers and tell me I’m all wrong, even though I never said shit about whether they could get some listeners; I said they’d never become a viable network. Even the only thing they got going for them right now, Franken, only agreed to give them a year when he signed his deal, and admitted his biggest reason for signing on was to try to beat Bush. The whole project was a way to get around McCain-Feingold. But I’m the one who’s written off as a Kool-Aid infused blind partisan asshole.

(hat tip to Dean, who thinks O’Rourke ripped him off. He’s got a pretty good case, too.)

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