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Archive for "Jun 03 2004"

Ooh…That’s Gonna Turn ‘Em!

Lost in OC: The NASCAR Nazi
We here in the ultimate “outer borough” that supplies most of the drive for Manhattanites to get on their stick every morning and whip us proles for our shit stupid understanding are about to decide whether or not to bring on a NASCAR track. The bottom line of the argument is, “the city (Manhattan) doesn’t give a fuck what happens out here…fuck them AND Jersey. But the locals wanna know about where the fuck you drive the trucks.”

Keep it up, schmucks. We got a city the size of Pittsburgh, sitting right outside your door. And we ain’t Brooklyn. Go look up in Albany. Shelly is the only thing making you pay us to take your garbage. Marchi will die…. Dont’ fucking fuck with us!

(Run that by Franken…you took a local station off the map…at least give some lip service…stop working Thousand Lakes politics through NYC. You gonna run? THEN RUN. But get the hell offa NY.)

Fuck off, Franken. Wellstone’s dead, and you are worse.

UPDATE: Ya think I am WAY the fuck over the top?

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Air America Idiot Update

I’m sitting here listening to Air Idiot’s AllieBoy bang the anti-WalMart drum and it’s driving me insane. It’s really simple, you asshats: hold your elected officials and Chamber of Commerce members responsible to their constituents/customers. Make them hold WalMart to the letter of all local law without any sweetheart deals. If you don’t do those two, fuck you, you deserve to get trampled. And don’t tell me about this “disappearing Main Street” shit. Norman Rockwell is Dead, and some of the dirt shoveled onto his casket was dropped by “liberals” who called his art “idealized” versions of America, so why not just kill off all the icons he drew from that you suddenly now revere?

HEY, FRANKEN? If small town was so cool, why’d you move?

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No More Corgi Smoothies?

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