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Archive for "May 27 2004"

Just Say “No” to Bling-Bling

This is probably the funniest thing to come out of last night’s “let’s see which bullpen implodes worse” 30 hit slugfest between the Bronx and Baltimore.

Thank the Lord for Flash and Mo.

(Although Gordon better not throw like he’s apeing Mo in Arizona ever, ever, ever again.)

UPDATE: I just re-read the Mo link, and it reinforced my belief that he has been the most important, and admirable, part of all the Yankee’s current success. So I’d like to ask any baseball-friendly* people the following two part question:

A) Who is the greatest Yankee you have ever seen with your own two eyes;
B) Who reminds you of “A” on the current NYY roster?

(“baseball friendly*” means I’m stripping all snark posts from the anti-Bronx brigades. I’m looking for the idea that “this is a guy I wanted or wish was on my side.”)

He Makes Dean Look Sane

Rachel thinks he’s just a jackass, but I say “Thank God such a jackass as Al Gore exists!”

Now that the hypocrite has decided to make the Democrat’s convention worth watching, it’s gonna be must see TV, because if this performance (reading it isn’t enough; the picture Drudge is running points out Gore’s tone, but go watch the video for the full impact) is a bellwether for his turn at the podium in July, I truly feel pity for JFK. Having to follow the likes of Pelosi, Sharpton, Billary and Gore, that podium is gonna be one scorched platform by the time he takes it.

Remember when everyone wrote Dean off as a nutbag because of “The Scream?” Thanks to the endless replays of the psycho-sounding version, Dean had his campaign blown right out of the water. And then it turned out that it was a pretty blatant, media-driven distortion of the event that did Dean in and cleared the deck for Kerry. Well, there’s no distorting this piece of theater. This bit of public insanity is gonna get the same TV rotation and internet remixes. Gore ends up sounding like someone who’s off his meds and thinks he’s preaching in a snake-handling cult’s revival tent. To say this guy has gone off the deep end is understatement. He looks like a total whackjob, and he’s Kerry’s whackjob. A performance like this can turn plenty of swing voters into Bush voters all by itself, unless Kerry puts distance between himself and Gore, fast. Which is never gonna happen.

If the heads he’s demanding rolled right now, the government would be shattered. The stock market would crash so hard 1929 would look like profit taking. And what is up with demanding Bush condemn Limbaugh? No matter what Limbaugh has ever said, all you do by highlighting him in the middle of this twisted tirade is give him ammo to blast back with. It might play great with your bestest buddies at and Media Matters, but jeez, dude, they’re already in Kerry’s pocket, and Limbaugh’s a guy with an audience that rivals cable TV networks! He would have been whacking you about this speech anyway; making it a personal thing for him means he’s gonna beat you–and Kerry–over the head with this craziness incessantly. Air Idiot is nowhere near a counterbalance; the sheer size of Limbaugh’s audience–and those of his imitators and cohorts like Hannity–means that even if the TV networks try and let the whole thing die, it’s gonna be replayed and rehashed all summer long.

And every single time it’s gonna be dropped on Kerry’s doorstep.

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