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Archive for "May 26 2004"

What’s The Problem?

I’m no fan of the Rockerfeller drug laws for two-bit amounts of whatever that was intended for a person’s own use, and I can understand the guy’s mother is upset, but he was caught cold in possession of 2.5 ounces of coke with intent to sell. So what’s the difference if his “acquaintances” gave him up to cut themselves a deal? It happens every damn day of the week. His momma should be more pissed off that she raised her son so dumb that he thought he could be a long distance dealer on a seven grand play.

Dealer’s Rule One:You control the transaction.

He deserved to get popped just for being stupid enough to not make them get on the damn bus.

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Didn’t See This One Coming

No, really, after watching those hearings I was assured they were going to fulfill their mandate.
9/11 Commission Going To Have Split Decision

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This Takes Care of That Meme

I think Dean’s got a tad too much time on his hands. Just thinking about doing the research and math involved in this made my head hurt.

Dean’s World: Overcrowded Planet?

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